Stenonymous to Hire Investigative Team for 2022

My strategy for helping our industry is not limited to the centralization strategy I announced before Thanksgiving. If that doesn’t happen, I’m still going to be taking money and putting it into whatever’s been calculated to give results.

Right now I’ve put out a request for a budget proposal from an investigation team to help research and present information regarding corporate connections in our industry and a few other related items. The budget proposed is $5,000. If those that have not donated see a value in having that information, I would ask for help funding it. You’ll be giving our industry more information. I intend to publish whatever the team comes up with.

If the $5,000 cannot be funded by January 2022, I will finance it from my own personal money in February 2022. I mention this so that no one feels pressure to donate. It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of when.

The reason I’m going light on the details is simple. The private equity folks have more money than I do. I don’t want them buying my team out from under me. There’s no indication that would occur, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Majority of the money raised to date has been placed into social media campaigns. I will likely release my tax returns next year so that my audience has that information. Seems the easiest way to be accountable.

Donations can happen through:

PayPal –

Venmo – Christopher-Day-141

Zelle – or 917 685 3010.

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