Indiana Bans Typing on Keyboards it Doesn’t Like*

In today’s news…

Local swimmer finds sunken relic, asks New York State Court Reporters Association for identification expertise.

Donald Trump indicted in New York, says the grand jury stenographer got the transcript “bigly wrong.”

Asked to comment on corporate fraud in court reporting, President Joe Biden stated “protecting the Iranian people in their fight against Russia is our highest priority” while fist bumping Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Global warming scientists: The heat coming off stenographers’ fingers may be to blame.

San Francisco City Council unanimously proclaims is an arm of Russian state media.

St. Petersburg Choir attempts to recruit stenographic singer Joshua Edwards

Shortage or PsyOp? Stenographers say “we’re here!” Shortage proponents say “no, they aren’t!”

Governor DeSantis signed a bill requiring Disney to staff at least one stenographer for every 1000 guests.

*None of this is true, or at least has a bunch of partial truths woven in with a bunch of jokes meant to entertain the stenographic audience of this blog. Indiana actually did not go through with its stenography ban as revealed by NCRA this week. This is part of a series of posts called Stenonymous Satire Weekends.

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