June Jobs Report (2019)

Have made it a mission to get everybody sharing jobs and finding work if they want to. From New York reporters to all around the country, people are making sure everybody knows where the jobs are.

  • That said, here’s what we have open at the beginning of this month.
    • Grand Jury Bronx. This posting has been up for a while. I’ll always have a heart for grand jury work. City of New York health benefits are great, and when I was employee, free for individuals.
      The court reporter provisional job remains posted. Good luck to everyone taking the civil service test for permanent employment this month. Court reporters are being hired statewide!
      8 federal jobs open across the country, but none in New York.
      New York School of Court Reporting doesn’t have a careers page that I can see, but good businesses are always in the market for talent.
      Remember that all of these links can be obtained and bookmarked from Get A Real Job!

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