July Jobs Jubilee (2019)

One of our anonymous Stenonymous fans asked if this month’s job post was going to be the July Jobs Report. Obviously, we’ve got a lot more creativity than that. We’re bringing you the July Jobs Jubilee at the end of JUNE.

There are still a number of state court positions posted statewide. The court reporter application is up, and test takers will be going for the exam to obtain permanent positions Saturday. Bronx Supreme still has a principal court reporter opening, filing ends July 12. New York County is seeking a supervising court reporter, filing ends July 17.

The Bronx Grand Jury Reporter position remains posted. As of writing, there are no other positions posted in NYC to my knowledge, with the understanding that the Queens DA site is down. Perhaps they’re remaking the website?

There is no federal New York slot open to my knowledge, but there are federal job opportunities across the country. Southern District Reporters seem to take resumes on a continuous basis, because they’re just that awesome.

Esquire continues its quest to attract freelancers.

Plaza college continues to seek court reporting instructors as it does its part to keep the field shining and new talent coming in.

That’s all the information I’ve got on New York positions. Feel free to comment with more jobs info.

June 28, 2019 Edit:

A link was previously given for Manhattan. Upon clicking in more, the job does not exist as of writing. See Get A Real Job for my take on finding grand jury work.

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