August Applications 2019

I’ve turned this into a fun monthly post for job postings I know about. I encourage others to like, comment, and share any postings you have.

In the court system we only have the court reporter and citywide supervising court reporter positions open. Good luck to every applicant looking to join NYSUCS!

Against all odds, the Bronx DA is still looking for a grand jury stenographer.

Southern District, which is federal court, wants a court reporter. This is the first federal NY job to open up in the last few months, so if you’re looking to take that career path, take the shot. Even if they don’t take you, they’ll probably tell you what will better your chances next time. There are potentially up to eight other federal positions available nationwide.

Plaza College is seeking court reporting instructors. Start teaching the future of court reporting today!

Esquire continues to make efforts to advertise for freelance court reporters on sites like Glassdoor. If they don’t meet your rates, your best shot is opening the discussion and asking them to. It’s clear they need qualified people. Why not you?

If none of these are for you, it’s time to hit the pavement and start looking for opportunities. They’re out there, but it’s a careful mix of effort and networking that’ll bring them to you — or you to them!

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