November Niches 2019

Every month I do a quick search for work using the links from my old article, Get A Real Job. This month’s no different. Before we jump into that, I’ll just say it’s a great idea to get into the habit of bookmarking the links there and checking them periodically. No one knows exactly when an opportunity will arise, and if you’re waiting for someone to come along and post it, opportunities may pass you by.

The Special Narcotics Grand Jury position is still up. That said, I have heard that they intend to do future postings through DCAS. As of this morning, there is no open competitive or provisional job posting on DCAS for stenographers.

The statewide provisional posting for court reporter is still up! If you haven’t put in an application in a while, it might be a good time to. Just based on my own observations, there’s usually a period of hiring off the civil service exam list that’s about to pop out, and then provisional employees are hired. No civil service exams are announced this morning, but don’t forget to bookmark and check the exams page sometimes.

There are over 10 federal judiciary positions listed across the country. One of those is listed in the Southern District of New York.

Finally, I’m a big fan of bad jokes, but I didn’t write this one. Don’t get too excited Googling stenographer jobs today. There’s an opening for “secretarial stenographer” posted damn near everywhere by some company listed as NYC Hospitality Company. When I clicked in thinking I might help them re-word their ad, because it looks like it was generated by a computer, it said the job was filled. I would love to know if anyone got that job or if it was, as I suspect, computer generated or trolling.

That’s what I got. Unfortunately, on the freelance side, it seems like the path to finding work is still the old-fashioned method of reaching out to people that might have some or building your own brand and business.

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