Need Short-Form Video Marketing? Check Out Liam Weckerle!

Many in my audience are small business owners. Some own court reporting businesses. Some own side businesses. Everybody needs some kind of marketing.

If a core part of your business is social media marketing, then I recommend shooting Liam Weckerle an email. He’s a young man that I had the privilege of working with on a project in the past, and I can honestly recommend him for his attention to detail and willingness to go as far as it takes to get the job done.!

I took some time to ask Liam a little more about his business creating these short-form videos. I’ll share what he shared with me below!

Liam Weckerle: What is short-form video?
Requirements to work with Liam Weckerle.

In short, he needs a goal, a target audience, and a budget. Here’s an example of his work (for food business).

Example of work by Liam Weckerle

Imagining your service or product being spotlighted? Write Liam today!

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