Day 1 of Stenograph Boycott, Company Releases Pro-Steno Teaser

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And though it may be difficult to read, I do try to keep it entertaining.

Christopher Day calls for Stenograph boycott, November 2021

For anyone that doubts calling out the bad customer service and horrible PR blunders is having an impact, you can stop doubting now. For the first time since March, Stenograph threw up a pro-stenographer image on its Instagram.

Stenograph Instagram, 11/17/21

Truth be told, I still view this sort of thing as corporate appeasement. They hope you will forget that they are screwing the students you mentor and continue to purchase their products and services. It’s a great sign that the Stenograph company wants to appease stenographers, because it means that we represent a large enough part of their customer base that pulling out would hurt. Withdrawing our support would matter. If more reporters heed my words and pull out fast and hard, we’ll be able to end this a lot sooner.

But seeing that image got me curious. I rolled through the Instagram to see the last time a comparable image was posted. There are some nice pictures advertising Q&A by Cyndi Lynch (who is awesome) and some marketing stuff, but nothing nice like this. While that’s a somewhat subjective measure, you can go through all the images yourself and see that the company hasn’t featured a person paired with a stenotype since about March.

The top left is November 2021, the bottom right is March 2021, Stenograph’s Instagram.

I will be covering the STTI podcast with Anir Dutta, Stenograph’s president, soon. In the meantime, if you’re completely confused, just see what I wrote to a student asking about my shenanigans on Reddit.

Follow me and our field gets results. Stenograph is eager to jump into a technology that will disproportionately hurt minority speakers. We are in a unique position to stop that.

8 thoughts on “Day 1 of Stenograph Boycott, Company Releases Pro-Steno Teaser

  1. I haven’t love Stenograph ever. I do gave an honest question, though. I am a real-time reporter. I stay very current on my training and education for my software. While I would love to boycott, I don’t know how wise of a business decision that would be as I need/use the resources available through support. I’m genuinely curious and interested to what the workaround would be. Thank you.

  2. I am wondering… what do they suggest this software will be for? Seems like they are keeping it intentionally vague in order to avoid confrontation.

    Well, regardless, even though I am a student, I am using Eclipse now and I guess it will be staying that way until they make some statements and take action.

    1. It’s hard because I have not personally seen the product, but ASR has taken two paths in our field, one is assisting the writer while writing and one is transcribed by the ASR and then fixed up by the transcriber.

      While it’s possible that they’ve invented something new, I don’t see either meeting the lofty 50% increase in production they mentioned on the STTI podcast, which is why I’m going to do another article on that.

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